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Prepaid Long Distance Service to Switzerland

Code of Switzerland +41

Now you can make a long distance call to Switzerland or any other country from your cell phone or any other phone at LDPOST's extremely low rates without switching your long distance company. This prepaid long distance service is designed for those customers who do not want to switch a long distance carrier and does not mind paying upfront. Service users will dial an access number and then, after the prompt, will dial the destination number. This service provides a maximum flexibility by allowing to call from mobile phones, home phones and even some business phones. You can have up to 10 telephone numbers registered on a single account and share the minutes.
Flag of Switzerland

Peanuts-LD Rates to Switzerland:

LocationRate per min Local AccessRate per min Toll Free AccessPlace an order
Switzerland$0.034$0.044order on-line now
Switzerland, Mobile$0.230$0.240order on-line now

Main Cities Codes:

Baar 42, Baden 56, Basle (Basel,, Bale, Basilea) 61, Batel 61, Begnins 22, Belg 31, Bellevue 22, Belp 31, Berne (Bern,, Berna) 31, Biel (Bienne) 32, Blonay 21, Bogis-Bassel 22, Bollingen 31, Bottmingen bei, Basel 161, Brug 56, Carouge 22, Chambesy 22, Château d'Oex 26, Chur (Coire,, Coira)) 81, Crans 22, Dardagny 22, Davos 81, Feldmeilen 1, Fribourg (Freiburg,, Friburgo) 26, Froideville 21, Gattikon 1, Geneva (Geneve,, Genf, Ginevra) 22, Grand-Lancy 22, Grandes-Paccot, 37, Grenchen 65, Gruet 1, Gstaad 33, Henggart 52, Hilterfingen 31, Horgen 1, Interlaken 33, Ittingen 31, Kilchberg 1, Kriens 41, La, Chaux-de-Fonds, 32, Lausanne, (Losanna) 21, Locarno 91, Lugano 91, Lucerne (Luzern,, Lucerna)) 41, Mannedorf 1, Mettmensletten 1, Metzerlen 61, Montreux 21, Muri 31, Neuchatel, (Neuenburg) 32, Nyon 22, Oberdiesbach 31, Oberwil 61, Opfikon 61, Port 51, Pragassona 91, Pully 21, Riehen 61, Rivaz 22, Sankt Moritz (St., Moritz) 81, Sankt Gallen (St., Gallen, St-Gall, S., Gallo) 71, Schofthauser 52, Seftigen 33, Sion (Sitten) 27, Solothurn, (Soleure, Soletta), 32, Stetten 52, Sursee 45, Vessy 22, Vevey 21, Wabern 31, Weggis 41, Wengen 33, Windish 56, Winterthur 52, Yverdom les Bains, 24, Zell 52, Zermatt 27, Zollikerberg 1, Zug 42, Zumikon 1, Zurich (Zuerich,, Zurigo) 1, Zurzach 56

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Communications: Switzerland

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Map of Switzerland
Telephones - main lines in use:
4.82 million (1998)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
1.967 million (1999)
Telephone system:
general assessment: excellent domestic and international services
domestic: extensive cable and microwave radio relay networks
international: satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean)
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
44 (Switzerland and Liechtenstein) (2000)
Internet users:
3.85 million (2002)
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