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Prepaid Long Distance Service to Argentina

Code of Argentina +54

Now you can make a long distance call to Argentina or any other country from your cell phone or any other phone at LDPOST's extremely low rates without switching your long distance company. This prepaid long distance service is designed for those customers who do not want to switch a long distance carrier and does not mind paying upfront. Service users will dial an access number and then, after the prompt, will dial the destination number. This service provides a maximum flexibility by allowing to call from mobile phones, home phones and even some business phones. You can have up to 10 telephone numbers registered on a single account and share the minutes.
Flag of Argentina

Peanuts-LD Rates to Argentina:

LocationRate per min NY City Local AccessRate per min Toll Free AccessPlace an order
Argentina3.8 c/min5.3 c/minorder on-line now
Argentina, Buenos Aires1.8 c/min3.3 c/minorder on-line now
Argentina, Mobile23.6 c/min25.1 c/minorder on-line now
call to Argentina

Main Cities Codes:

Azul 281, Bahia Blanca 91, Buenos Aires 1, Chilvilcoy 341, Comodoro Rivadavia 967, Cordoba 51, Corrientes 783, La Plata 21, Las Flores 244, Mar Del Plata 23, Mendoza 61, Merlo 20, Moreno 228, Posadas 752, Resistencia 722, Rio Cuarto 58, Rosario 41, San Juan 64, San Rafael 627, Santa Fe 42, Tandil 293, Villa Maria 531

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Communications: Argentina

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Telephones - main lines in use:
7.5 million (1998)
Telephones - mobile cellular:
3 million (December 1999)
Telephone system:
general assessment: by opening the telecommunications market to competition and foreign investment with the "Telecommunications Liberalization Plan of 1998," Argentina encouraged the growth of modern telecommunication technology; fiber-optic cable trunk lines are being installed between all major cities; the major networks are entirely digital and the availability of telephone service is being improved; however, telephone density is presently minimal, and making telephone service universally available will take time
domestic: microwave radio relay, fiber-optic cable, and a domestic satellite system with 40 earth stations serve the trunk network; more than 110,000 pay telephones are installed and mobile telephone use is rapidly expanding
international: satellite earth stations - 8 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean); Atlantis II and Unisur submarine cables; two international gateways near Buenos Aires (1999)
Internet country code:
Internet Service Providers (ISPs):
33 (2000)
Internet users:
3.88 million (2001)