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Peanuts LD customers can now enjoy simpler dialing by utilizing speed dial feature

Speed dial allows you to store up to 10 international and U.S. phone numbers you call most often, and then retrieve those numbers with a 2-digit combination. You'll get the most advantage from speed dialing with the rechargeable Peanuts-LD prepaid service, where phone numbers can be programmed once and for all.

To enter and change your Speed Dial codes:

  1. While you are listening to the balance of the account, dial star (*)
  2. Select 2 to access the Speed Dial administration menu
  3. Select the speed dial code you'd like to review or change + "#" (for example, 1#)
  4. Listen to the current number assigned to this code
  5. After you hear the old number, enter the new number + "#" (for example, 01178123330085#)
    - OR -
    just press "#" to leave the old number
  6. Follow steps 2 to 5 to enter other speed dial codes
  7. Press "0" to exit the administration menu

To use the Speed Dial:

  1. Dial access number
  2. Listen to your balance
  3. Dial the speed dial code + "#" (for example, 1# or 2#, etc.)

The speed dial feature is also available with Global Papa prepaid phone card, TeleTzar calling card, and Across America prepaid phone card. However, with phone cards, programming will have to be done again for every new PIN purchased.